About the Film:

PSYCHEDELIA​ ​is an hour-long documentary film about psychedelic drugs and their ability to induce mystical and religious experiences. The film chronicles their use in controlled research studies prior to the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, when LSD was regarded as a promising medical breakthrough, as well as their recent re-emergence in psychiatry.

Featuring leading experts in the field of psychedelic research, the film tells the story of medical professionals who have re-introduced these compounds into a legal and growing field of study. First-person accounts from a study on end-of-life anxiety explore the profound, life-altering insights psychedelics induce in participants and what these insights might mean for society at large.

Host a Screening:

We are entering a new age when it comes to attitudes about mind-enhancing compounds. The mission of the film is to illuminate this lesser known, but increasingly more significant history. We’re offering the film to universities, non-profit organizations, psychedelic societies or anyone interested in hosting a screening in an educational setting. Scroll down for more information below.

Run Time:​ 58:30 //​ Language:​ English (with captions) // ​Foreign Subtitles Upon Request

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